WHO Guidelines for malaria

14 Mar 2023

The latest version of the WHO Guidelines for malaria was updated in March 2023 and cites over 20 CIDG reviews. It is a compilation of existing WHO recommendations on malaria and supersedes two previous WHO publications: the Guidelines for the treatment of malaria, third edition and the Guidelines for malaria vector control. A synopsis of updates to versions is listed here.


These consolidated WHO Guidelines for malaria aim to provide the latest evidence-based recommendations in one reference to support countries in their efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate malaria. The objectives of the Guidelines are:

  • to provide evidence-based and context-sensitive recommendations on the appropriate choice(s) for malaria prevention (vector control, preventive chemotherapies and the vaccine), case management (diagnosis and treatment) across all transmission settings and interventions in the final phase of elimination and prevention of re-establishment;
  • to support the development by WHO Member States of evidence-based national malaria policies for prevention and case management across all transmission settings;
  • to encourage the use of local data to inform subnational stratification to maximize the impact of available resources; and
  • to inform the research agenda to enable updates to the Guidelines by identifying gaps in evidence that constrain the development of guidance or weaken current recommendations.