Resources supporting trustworthy, rapid and equitable evidence synthesis and guideline development: results from the COVID-19 evidence network to support decision-making (COVID-END)

08 Jul 2022

COVID-19 requires trustworthy, rapid, and equitable evidence syntheses and guidance to inform clinical and public health decisions and vaccination rollouts, including evidence on inequity and distribution of effects across populations. One global initiative that aims to tackle these major challenges is the COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision-making (COVID-END).

Within COVID-END, two working groups were established to solve challenges with evidence synthesis and guidelines. In this commentary, we present how COVID-END works and what became a joint mission of these working groups; consolidated resources to facilitate trustworthy, rapid and equitable evidence synthesis, health technology assessments and guidelines for public health and clinical practice. We also call for future efforts to further strengthen global and equitable collaboration within evidence synthesis and guidance, with potential impact beyond COVID-19.

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