Evidence synthesis workshops: moving from face- to- face to online learning

06 Aug 2020

Postgraduate training is moving from face- to- face workshops or courses to online learning to help increase access to knowledge, expertise and skills, and save the cost of face- to- face training. However, moving from face- to- face to online learning for many of us academics is intimidating, and appears even more difficult without the help of a team of technologists. In this paper, we describe our approach, our experiences and the lessons we learnt from converting a Primer in Systematic Reviews face- to- face workshop to a 6- week online course designed for healthcare professionals in Africa. We learnt that the team needs a balance of skills and experience, including technical know- how and content knowledge; that the learning strategies needed to achieve the learning objectives must match the content delivery. The online approach should result in both building knowledge and developing skills, and include interactive and participatory approaches. Finally, the design and delivery needs to keep in mind the limited and expensive internet access in some resource- poor settings in Africa.

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