READ-It work areas

  • Conducting and supporting relevant robust Cochrane and non-Cochrane systematic reviews.
  • Engaging decision makers and influencing policies in priority areas for the region.
  • Focused review dissemination strategies.
  • Training/capacity development of stakeholder groups to use systematic reviews.
  • Contributions to national guideline development.

Current projects

  • Develop review topic portfolios through engagement, assessing existing systematic reviews, evidence mapping.
  • Publish priority reviews. 
  • Influencing provincial, national and international guidelines: we are working with the South African National Department of Health on guideline development processes. 
  • Capacity development: we offer fellowships for systematic review authors to have time out to work on their reviews. We also work with guideline developers, researchers, and clinicians to enhance their capacity to find, interpret, and consider the use of systematic reviews.