Lessons from COVID-19: finding, synthesizing and communicating research that matters

26 January 2022

This free Virtual Online Workshop Series  organised by the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM) includes the following event:

What COVID-19 Research Should I Ignore? The Clinician’s Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in many ways. However, the targeted acceleration and “opening up” of related research may have the most significant long-term impact on clinical practice by fundamentally reconfiguring the parameters of the relationship between health science and society. So much research has been generated, so quickly, which remains available to everybody without restriction. Relevant data, preprints, code, protocols and publications are being shared to an unparalleled extent, hastening progress in battling COVID-19 and related illnesses. How do clinicians and the public cope with this tsunami of information? How do they interpret the constantly changing and sometimes conflicting emphases from authoritative and trusted sources -leaders, media and scientists –and adjust their own actions to protect their families and their patients? The current pandemic has been accompanied by a misinformation pandemic. How do clinicians choose what is valid and relevant, while ignoring the noise?

Panel member - Paul Garner – Co-coordinator, Centre for Evidence Synthesis for Global Health, Co-ordinating Editor of the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group, Director of the Research, Evidence and Development Initiative (READ-It)

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