Helped with 13 global policies or guidelines

Global policies or guidelines READ-It have helped with:

  1. WHO guidelines for malaria vector control
  2. WHO guidelines on cryptococcal disease in HIV-infected adults
  3. WHO interim guidelines for the treatment of gambiense human African trypanosomiasis
  4. ARRIVE guidelines 2.0 for reporting animal research
  5. PAHO/WHO guidelines for diagnosing and managing disseminated histoplasmosis among people living with HIV
  6. WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis. Module 3: Diagnosis - Rapid diagnostics for tuberculosis detection
  7. WHO updated recommendations on HIV prevention, infant diagnosis, antiretroviral initiation and monitoring
  8. WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis. Module 2: Screening Systematic screening for tuberculosis disease
  9. A suite of guidelines related to COVID-19 (related to CIDG Cochrane reviews on COVID-19)
  1. WHO guidelines for plague management: revised recommendations for the use of rapid diagnostic tests, fluoroquinolones for case management and personal protective equipment for prevention of post-mortem transmission
  2. WHO guidelines on schistosomiasis
  3. WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis 

    13. WHO guideline on the prevention and management of wasting and nutritional oedema (acute malnutrition)