A valedictory lecture by Professor Paul Garner: 8 September 2022

08 Sep 2022, 17:30 to 18:30
Liverpool, UK; livestream

With experience as a doctor in the UK NHS and in Papua New Guinea, Paul Garner was part of the team that set up Cochrane. This organization successfully mainstreamed systematic reviews globally as a method and has been highly influential in institutionalising their use in formal guideline development at the World Health Organization.

The journey, mostly while Paul has been at LSTM, has been incredibly exciting. Cochrane Infectious Diseases Reviews provided evidence that led to the introduction of insecticide treated bed nets, and underpinned the roll out of artemisinin-based combination treatments. At times the Group have challenged global health dogmas, and Paul has been subject to aggressive, quite personal attacks for highlighting the fiddles, tweaks and perversions by people intent on triumph over truth in their field.

Paul became a professor some years ago, and wants to give a final valedictory with stories of intrigue arising out of the hundreds of author teams he has worked with seeking the “truth”.

Professor David Lalloo, is the host, and Professor George Davey Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology in Bristol, will give a personal commendation.

Watch the full recording here: